Aujourd'hui, si on faisait comme Mr Pickwick...


ou comme Emma à Box Hill,



un pique-nique?


They had a very fine day for Box Hill.. Nothing was wanting but to be happy when they got there. Seven miles were travelled in expectation of enjoyment, and everybody had a burst of admiration on arriving first. (Jane Austen)


Laissez tomber bureau, école, collège, cuisine, ménage et autres corvées, et préparez les paniers.



.. a rich prospect of arable and meadow land, intersected with luxuriant hedges, and richly ornamented with wood, spread out below them.

"This is delightful-thoroughly delightful" said Mr Picwick.(Charles Dickens)


Il suffit d'installer une table, au bord de l'eau de préférence. Croyez-moi, c'est plus confortable que d'être assis dans l'herbe.

.. eating bread and ham with a pocket-knife... good-humoured merriment twinkled in his eyes. (Charles Dickens)


On aura prévu le sherry pie


et un livre.


*** tranquil observation of the beautiful view beneath her. (Jane Austen)


On aura prévu les chaises longues pour le café 


 et bien-sûr


un lit de repos pour la sieste ou la lecture.


The appearance of the servants looking out for them to give notice of the carriages was a joyful sight; and even the bustle of collecting and preparing to depart...(Jane Austen)


Mr Pickwick par Frederick Barnard, table au bord de l'eau Homes and Gardens, paniers et lit Country Living, tarte et chaises longues Martha Stewart.