29 octobre 2013

Séjour Annecy bien passé. Stop. Ville toujours aussi belle. Stop.

Had a good time in Annecy. Stop. Town as nice as ever. Stop.


Lac superbe. Stop.

Lake beautiful as always. Stop.


Road trip compromis pour cause obstacle. Stop.

Road trip impossible due to obstacle. Stop.


Vue appart imprenable. Stop. De jour. Stop.

Flat with a view. Stop. Daytime. Stop.


De nuit. Stop.

Night time. Stop.


Bien amusés. Stop.

Had fun. Stop.


Bout'chou grand maintenant, un an. Stop.

 Tricoté bonnets. Stop.

Dear little one big now. One year old. Stop.

Knitted hats. Stop.


Tricoté beaucoup de bonnets. Stop. Tout le monde en veut. Stop.

Knitted plenty of hats. Everyone wants to have some. Stop.


Ai deux garçons, une fille et chacun un copain ou une copine. Stop. En veulent tous deux ou trois (des bonnets). Stop. Ca fait beaucoup d' bonnets. Stop. 

Suis débordée. Stop. Dois tricoter jour et nuit (nuit tombe 17h). Stop. Retourne tricoter. Stop.

Tuto ICI. Stop. Ai fait 5 cm plus long. Stop.

Have two boys and one girl plus boyfriend and girlfriends. All want two or three hats. Many hats. Stop.

Am overwhelmed. Stop. Must knit day and night. Stop. Going back to knit. Stop.

Tutorial in French HERE. Stop. Made them 5 cm longer. Stop.


Bonne journée. A bientôt. Stop.

Et Happy Halloween. Stop.

Have good day. Stop.

Happy Halloween too. Stop.